Arisen from the hypnotizing sunset, a florid crescendo in the Ionian sky beckons you for an energizing dive in the scintillating plunge pool. Enclosed with the miracle of natural infinity, the ethereal pool area is idyllically landscaped with elegant, dark-hued sun loungers and a broad matching umbrella. 

Picture yourself taking a dip and hugging the exhilarating pool water while the gloaming romanticism takes place around you. You haven't experienced the true serenity of a poolside sunset with a luscious glass of wine in hand, until you've reclined on one of the sumptuous sun loungers, with the water gently moving next to you. With its iridescent views of the soothing sea and the surrounding mountains, you will plunge into calmness and feel your stress melt away.
Balia Suites Acharavi
Acharavi 491 00,
Corfu, Ionian island, Greece
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Casa Di Balia
Corfu (city) 491 00,
Corfu, Ionian island, Greece
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