Found in the core of Acharavi but in a serene area, Balia Suites lie just 300m far from a long sandy beach with golden sand and shining pebbles, ideal for seaside moments of tranquility with your loved ones (5 minutes walking distance).
Our premium accommodations are located on the north side of Corfu, 37 km away from the island's center and 38 km far from the airport.
Swim in the cerulean waters of Acharavi and watch the dramatic Ionian sunset spreading around you. 
Explore the various local stores, discover the Greek taverns to savor traditional specialties, and unwind at the idyllic beach bars.
Balia Suites Acharavi
Acharavi 491 00,
Corfu, Ionian island, Greece
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Casa Di Balia
Corfu (city) 491 00,
Corfu, Ionian island, Greece
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