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A magnificent jewel in the Ionian Sea, Corfu island boasts significant cultural and architectural sites to explore. First of all, the Spianada (Esplanade) Square. It is the biggest square in the Balkans and one of the biggest in Europe. Spianada square resembles a giant garden with rich vegetation, imposing monuments, splendid fountains, and monumental sculptures and hosts multiple social activities and cultural events. On its north side, facing the square, you will reach Liston, a picturesque pedestrian street with scenic cafes and exceptional restaurants, which constitutes the most popular meeting point for locals and tourists.
Discover the Old Fortress on the eastern side of the town, built in the 15th century by the Venetians on a rocky peninsula. With a panoramic Corfu town and sea view, the Old Fortress is open to the public and houses several cultural departments. Perched on the Saint Marcus hill, above the old port, the Venetians built the New Fortress. Traverse its underground tunnels that extend to the Old Fortress and the Old Town of Corfu and place yourself in a historical epoch. Worthy of note is the Achilleion Palace, which is located in the Gastouri village, 10 km away from the town of Corfu. It's one of the most famous manors in Europe, and it was constructed under the commands of Empress Sissy of Austria in honor of Achilles. The mansion is embellished with commanding statues and exudes the Empress's love for Ancient Greece.
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