Balia Suites are beset by the outstanding beauty of the earth that consolidates the alluring sea view, the wondrously seductive sunset, and the grandiose mountains.
During your stay, you will enjoy smooth access to numerous must-see places. Walk only 5 minutes, and you will reach the Folklore Museum of Acharavi with the antique cultural exhibits, which Spiros Vlachos created in 2008. Among the exhibits, you will notice old photographs, books, local costumes, outdated tools, and antique furnishings.
Drive 20 minutes, and you will notice the famous Canal d' amour, a romantic seaside hideaway honored by tourists and especially couples. In a similar distance, you will attain Palaia Peritheia, a picturesque village settled at a 400m altitude with impressive architecture. In a 15-minute driving distance, you will arrive at Cassiope. Cassiope is an extended and beautiful village in the northeast part of Corfu, notably trendy for tourists and with an exceptionally vigorous nightlife. There you can find different kinds of stores and many restaurants.
Near Cassiope settlement are located some of the most alluring beaches. The Avlaki beach is a tranquil shore positioned in a scenic bay. It owns dazzling cerulean waters, and it's perfect for those who adore scuba diving. Additionally, the white-pebbled Kerasia beach with the crystal-clear sea and the pine trees will enrapture your feelings. It's an organized beach, and if you're hungry after some cooling dives, you can visit the tavern nearby. Just as importantly, the Kouloura beach, which is settled in a picturesque bay, is also an organized beach with a tavern, surrounded by the limpid blue waters, the scented cypresses, and the shining cobblestones.
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